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From time to time the OSGB offers excursions to orchid related events in the UK and Europe, as well as offering longer holidays to worldwide events and orchid-rich areas. People who do not wish to travel on their own will instantly be part of a group which shares a common interest. As all trips are open to non-members, members of the OSGB have the opportunity to enjoy the trips with their friends and relatives. Most trips will be of interest to both orchid enthusiasts and those with other interests. 
Trips to European orchid events are often made by coach, allowing plenty of room for general and orchid shopping. Where this is not possible, flights and accommodation will be arranged. International trips to events further afield, such as the World Orchid Congress, will be made by air with accommodation included.  All trips are arranged through fully licensed and insured tour operators.
Trips to countries to see orchids growing in their natural habitats will include a full itinerary of excursions to fully experience the country and its orchids. Not all these trips involve a lot of walking and many are suitable for all. Please enquire to find out exactly what each trip entails and if it is suitable for you.
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Francis Quesada-Pallarés (photos by Alastair Robinson)

The society’s former Programme Secretary, Francis Quesada-Pallarés, is organising an expedition for a group of orchid enthusiasts to visit Sulawesi, Indonesia in July 2017 to explore the rainforests and look at orchids, pitcher plants and many other flora and fauna. The trip will be arranged by Redfern Expeditions which arranged an expedition for OSGB members to Borneo in August 2016.

We need a minimum of eight people for the trip to go ahead. There is a possibility of altering the itinerary slightly to include areas where specific orchids grow if there is enough interest among the group. Please contact Francis if you have any queries, e-mail:
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The Sulawesi crested macaque, Macaca nigra
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This 15-day expedition begins in Makassar, South Sulawesi. We drive north to the Tana Toraja Highlands to explore the bull horn-shaped tongkonan houses and ancient cliffside burial sites, as well as amazing stands of rainforest home to unique orchids and bird life.

We go in search of rare Paphiopedilum slipper orchids and the remarkable Nepenthes pitcher plants, which produce pretty pitchers that attract, trap and digest insects. Near Lake Poso, we pass diminutive 3,000-year-old stone megaliths said to resemble the famous Easter Island statues. We visit one of Sulawesi’s best birdlife trails, home to nightjars, sparrow hawks, and bee-eaters, and also to epiphytic orchids such as Oberonia and Mediocalcar, as well as the rare pitcher plant Nepenthes pitopangii.

We then travel to the Tangkoko Nature Reserve to photograph crested black macaques and amazing spectral tarsiers, as well as hornbills and, with luck, cuscus and winged lizards.
Photo: Macaca_nigra Caption: The Sulawesi crested macaque, Macaca nigra

This expedition offers excellent opportunities to observe and photograph Sulawesi’s unique traditional cultures and many of the island’s most spectacular animals, birds, and plants (in particular orchids and carnivorous pitcher plants).
Photo: Nephelaphyllum Caption: Nephelaphyllum is a small orchid genus of around ten species – only a few are native to Sulawesi

During our 2013 Sulawesi expedition, two new species of pitcher plant were discovered, along with a new species of Paphiopedilum now named Paphiopedilum robinsonianum (after the expedition’s leader, Alastair Robinson).

Optional pre- or post-expedition add-ons that can be arranged include outstanding diving opportunities on remote islands to visit pristine reefs, and the exploration of peaks previously unvisited by plant experts, offering the possibility of discovering new species and a physical challenge for the hardy adventurer.
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Tongkonan are the traditional ancestral houses of the Torajan people in South Sulawesi
Cost: £2,100 per person for 15 days/14 nights (all-inclusive from start point to end point)
Start point: Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
End point: Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Dates: Sunday 23 July to Sunday 6 August 2017

For a day-by-day itinerary and tempting images from previous expeditions please visit the Redfern Expeditions website: For more information or to make a booking please contact Redfern Expeditions, e-mail:
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Nephelaphyllum is a small orchid genus of around ten species – only a few are native to Sulawesi
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Sulawesi offers spectacular opportunities to photograph animals, birds and orchids such as Vandopsis
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