OSGB Autumn Show 2018

OSGB Autumn Show 2018

 6th October, Wraysbury Village Hall

The Society’s Autumn Show will be held on Saturday 6th October at Wraysbury Village Hall, The Green, Wraysbury TW19 5NA. See the Journal Annual Supplement for further details or contact Peter White (Tel: 01295 712159; E-mail: peter.orchid @ sky.com).

Members wishing to enter their plants should send a list of the plants and classes they wish to enter to Dusha Hayes, Chair of the Judging Subcommittee, by post (62 Link Lane, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 9DZ) or e-mail (dushahayes @ blueyonder.co.uk) a few days before the show. This will help with advance preparation of show tables. Entries will be accepted on the day. Classes for competition are in the Journal Annual Supplement.


07:30 - 09:00 Staging of plants

09:30 Judging

10:30 - 16:00 Show open to the public

There will also be the opportunity to get advice on orchid growing, as well as purchase orchids from Burnham Nurseries, and Peter White, with Orchid Accessories attending. Food and refreshments will be available throughout the day.

Zsuzsanna Serer 'Culture of Dracula, Bulbophyllum, and Epidendrum'

Zsuzsanna Serer 'Culture of Dracula, Bulbophyllum, and Epidendrum' 

 13:30 Doors open

14:30 Speaker: Zsuzsanna Serer - Culture of Dracula, Bulbophyllum, and Epidendrum

Zsuzsanna Serer is the popular retailer from Spicesotic plants on eBay. She will be giving us a talk on Dracula, Bulbophyllum, and Epidendrum culture. Zsuzsanna is a trained horticulturist and agronomist who studied in Hungary. She moved to England about 15 years ago to study English and never left. Whilst a keen herb grower, she has since developed a growing interest in orchids. About 3 years ago along with her partner they set up Spicesotic plants that operates online.

Zsuzsanna will be bringing plants with her to sell and is very good at sourcing plants, so it is worth checking if you could pre-order some plants that you may have been after for a long time. Her email is spicesoticplants @ hotmail.com; Link to eBay store: https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/spicesoticplants

01 September 2018

John Gay 'A Peruvian Experience' - Rescheduled from cancelled March Meeting

 13:30 Doors open

14:30 Speaker: John Gay - A Peruvian Experience

 John Gay was President of the North of England Orchid Society for 18 years, and a member for over 40 years. He has a collection of around 2,000 orchids, with a special interest in Phragmipedium  and Odontoglossum (now called Oncidium). He raises plants from seed, is a valued member of the RHS Orchid Committee, and his trip to Peru to see Phragmipedium kovachii has entered the annals of great orchid expeditions around the world. If he had put it on YouTube, it would have "gone viral", but he will present it in person.

Phragmipedium kovachii 'Trinity' (FCC/RHS) [Photo © Dr. Henry Oakeley 2011]

Roy White (updated)

Late Roy White

 Announcement: Roy White passed away peacefully at his home on the 2nd of July, while sitting in his favourite armchair. At this year’s Annual General Meeting he had been given a Life Membership to the OSGB in recognition of the dedicated time and effort he had given to the Society. Records do not go back far enough to find when Roy first joined the society, but when he re-joined in 2003 he took over the role of the Society’s Display Manager from David Thurtle after the European Orchid Conference in London in 2003. He led the OSGB Chelsea Flower show team for many years, gaining Gold and Silver Gilt medals with his trademark naturalistic cave and river exhibits here and at the London Orchid Show, Newbury, Malvern, Petersfield, and in Germany and Italy for the European Orchid Conference. He served on the Management Committee with several periods as Chairman, retiring in 2017. He was a friend to us all and he will be missed.

Henry Oakeley

Update: Funeral will be Thursday 26th July. E-mail stuart @ meeson .com for further details

07 July 2018

Prof Harold Koopowitz, USA - Miniature Paphiopedilum

 13:30 Doors open

 14:30 Speaker: Prof Harold Koopowitz - Miniature Paphiopedilum 

For a full biography of our speaker see Henry Oakeley's article in the latest OSGBJ (67(2) pp99)

Lecture topic will be 'Breeding the New Miniature Slipper Orchids'

Update - OSGB Spring Show 2018

OSGB Spring Show 2018

 10th March, RHS Wisley

 The Society’s Spring Show will be held on Saturday 10th March, at RHS Garden Wisley. In a revision to the printed guidance in the Journal our Show will be based in the Glasshouse Gallery as in previous years, since the new permanent display for the Gallery has not been installed yet.

 Members wishing to enter their plants should send a list of the plants and classes they wish to enter to Dusha Hayes, Chair of the Judging Subcommittee, by post (62 Link Lane, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 9DZ) or e-mail (dushahayes @ blueyonder.co.uk) a few days before the show. This will help with advance preparation of show tables. Entries will be accepted on the day. Classes for competition are in the Journal Annual Supplement.

 Member's plants may be brought to the show via the Mill Lane entrance only (full details in the latest Journal). Access will be granted using the Mill Lane metal gate entrance at either 08:00 or 08:30. All plants will be inspected to check that they are healthy and free from pests. Any suspect plants may be denied entry. Please ensure that you leave enough time for this. Judging will start promptly at 09:00 and must be completed by 10:00 when the Glasshouse opens to the public. Vehicles brought in via Mill Lane will be relocated onsite in a staff area. The trophies will be presented at 15:00 and the show will close at 16:30. 

 Trey Sanders of Orchid Botanics with Francis Quesada-Pallarés (M: 07951070637) will be the trade stand, and Jo Kelleher has agreed to put on one of her magnificent displays. There will be re-potting demonstrations during the show. The main pedestrian entrance opens at 09:00 giving access to the Gardens but the Glasshouse does not open until 10:00. RHS members are admitted free of charge and the OSGB are using their Affiliated Society free tickets for entry to the Show. Therefore there will be 55 free entry passes available starting from 09:00. As a courtesy to other members, if you are a member of both societies please try and use your RHS membership card for entry. 

Jo Kelleher and her stunning display of flowering orchids in 2017 [Photo © Lady Samantha Feilding 2017] 

Orchid Botanics at Spring Show


Orchid Botanics at OSGB Spring Show

RHS Wisley, 10th March 2018

 The Society looks forward to welcoming Trey Sanders of Orchid Botanics, with Francis Quesada-Pallarés, to our Spring Show in March at RHS Wisley Garden. Trey will be well known to some of our members, having thrilled us with his presentations at Napier Hall in the past. Our show will be Trey's last, and this will be one of the last opportunities to buy from Trey as has decided to stop trading and give up his orchid collection before moving back to his home country of Australia. Trey's decision was not an easy one, but takes into account potential risks to his current business beyond 2019 and uncertainty over future CITES arrangements and costs in the UK.

 Trey started trading in orchids back in 2011 and in the same year he was given the opportunity of trading at the Wales Orchid Festival by Dr Kevin Davies and the Wales Orchid Study Group. With mentoring from Malcolm Perry, a former trader himself, Trey has seen his business grow from selling a few orchids a month to over a 100 plants a month along with displaying and trading at numerous shows. Trey only grows and sells species, and had amassed a very large collection in Bristol.

03 February 2018

David Menzies 'Orchids, a singular passion'

 13:30 Doors open

 14:30  Speaker: David Menzies - Orchids a singular Passion

 David will talk about the memorable orchids and orchid growers that he has encountered in 40-years of growing orchids. Born in New Zealand he has grown orchids in Germany, at RBG Kew and at Glasgow Botanic Gardens. This is a lecture which comes to us highly recommended. While orchids are the main subject of the lecture, we will hear about four outstanding orchid growers who have inspired him. 

David Menzies is a member of the RHS Orchid Committee, with a special interest in  Dendrobium.

06 January Auction

6 Jan      13:00 Doors open for registration of plants for the auction

14:00  Auction – Henry Oakeley
The auction is an ideal place to pass on your duplicate plants and acquire ones which are uncommon in commercial nurseries. Members may each bring four plants for sale, or six for family membership, to be auctioned. Note: if you want to put several plants in a tray, as a single auction item, this counts as one ‘plant’. 10% of sale price goes to the OSGB.  Henry does his best to ensure that bidding is brisk, prices are affordable, and all come with some cultivation information. Free plastic bags (eco-friendly, biodegradable, of course) are provided for all buyers.

The August 5th 2017 OSGB Meeting: 'Growing orchids in a Terrarium' by Helen Millner

Helen Millner is talking to the Society at our meeting on 5 August and has something of interest of all of us who grow orchids in our homes. A mix of history and practical recommendations. Helen and her husband, Dave, have been exhibiting at the RHS London Orchid Show for 20 years, three times at Chelsea and also at the European orchid Conference, the Dresden orchid show, and the World Orchid Conference in South Africa (and elsewhere!). Originally they did floral displays but changed to educational exhibits some years ago. They have been well received and they have had numerous RHS Gold Medals for them. The last one was at Chatsworth in June this year where focussed on terraria and she will be talking about them to the OSGB in August.

Helen and her husband, Dave

Helen hopes members will find it interesting, not only learning about the history of their development and use, but also to gain ideas about different ways of growing orchids in your home. 

Helen has given us a brief summary of her talk: 

Terraria are nothing new, and in fact, have changed the world as we know it. The original terrarium was invented around 1830 by Nathaniel Ward, being known as a Wardian Case. These cases were used to transport plant discoveries across the world. The survival rate of these plants was >95%. Seedlings of crops of great economic importance were once carried in them, such as rubber, vanilla, tea and bananas. The most fascinating story for us is the way they were used to introduce tropical orchids to Western Europe. Astronomical sums were paid for each new species, only for prices to crash when more orchid plants arrived in later shipments. 

So how can this help us grow orchids today? 

Many people no longer have room, or can afford the heating, for an orchid greenhouse and so grow orchids in their homes. The main problem here is low humidity and it is this that terraria can address. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes, and make attractive features in their own right.

The aims of this talk are
  1. To explain some of the fascinating history of Wardian cases.
  2. To show how the same principles used today can still help to grow orchids in our homes.
  3. To encourage people to use their imagination so that they can grow a wider range of orchids successfully.


Please contact the Orchid Society of Great Britain via the Secretary:
Mrs Zane Rappa, e-mail: info@osgb.org.uk